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A FIFA game can last 45 minutes per half, and 90 minutes long; after each half, there can be extra time added. The referee usually adds 1 to 5 minutes of extra added time.

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Q: How long is FIFA game?
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Is FIFA an action game?

No, FIFA is a soccer game.

How long between the first and second half in a fifa game?

15 Minutes

Should you get FIFA 14 your First FIFA Game?

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Will the next FIFA game be called FIFA 10 or FIFA 2010?

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How long are you out if you are cautioned?

Under the FIFA Laws of the Game, there is no requirement for a cautioned player to leave the field.

What is FIFA's motto?

The motto of FIFA is 'For the Game. For the World.'.

Can you dive in FIFA 12?

No you can't dive on FIFA 12 or any FIFA game.

How long will you be in the reserve team in be a pro in fifa 09 PS3?

it depends on what player and how long the game is

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Currently you cannot play any FIFA game on Facebook. No FIFA game has been associated with Facebook yet.

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How long is women's Fifa match?

It is the same length as the men game 45 minutes per half

How long does Fifa womens game last?

there are two halves of 45 minutes each with overtime if needed,

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Actually Im a huge Fifa video game fan I had fifa 2006 and I also had Fifa World cup 2006, so I ma more than very sure this year there will be a Fifa 2010 and a Fifa WorldCup 2010 because not only I think this because I had both 2006 world cup and fifa game but also because with all the world cup teams tht arent usually in the fifa game wil be in the game so it will take a tone of memory so there will be 2 differ games I assure you!

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Fifa 10 is the best soccer game ever made....better than pes and all the wanna be fifa games......fifa 10 wont ever be any other game.......l.........p.s get a life who ever doesnt own fifa 10

Will there be a new FIFA game?

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how long is the fifa world cup field?

What code installation for PC game FIFA 09?

what code installation for pc game fifa 09 full edition ?

What does ball handling increase on FIFA 09 ps2?

Fifa 09 isn't a basketball game, it's a soccer game.

Is FIFA 11 the last FIFA xbox game?

i dont think so

Does ronaldinho come out in FIFA 12 game?

Yes, Ronaldinho is in FIFA 12.

Which player has appeared the most number of times on the FIFA game cover?

ronaldinho appeared on fifa game cover in 2006,2007,2008 and 2009

How do you use mic on FIFA for PS3?

You should be able to use a mic on FIFA in the same way that you would with any other game on the PS3. Simply turn on your mic when the game has loaded, and as long as it has enough battery, you should be able to talk, and hear what other people are saying.