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Until last summer, he was ranked #1 for 237 consecutive weeks (1,659 days) until Rafael Nadal took over. He recently regained his #1 ranking after Wimbledon on July 6, 2009 so as of July, 13, 2009, he has been ranked #1 for 1,667 days.

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Q: How long in days was Roger Federer number one?
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Where can you see pictures of Roger Federer and his girlfriend?

Roger Federer met his long-time girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, at Syndey 2000 Olympics

How long was Roger Federer's winning streak?

His longest to date is 65.

How long has Roger Federer been a champion?

14 years since 1998.

How long had Roger Federer played tennis?

He has born with tenis racquet in his hand:)

Is Roger Federer planning to get married soon?

He already married his long time girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec on April 11, 2009 :]

How long did Federer's last long stretch as number one last?

Still is today... - Feb 2010

How long has Roger Federer been playing tennis?

Since he was 15 or 16 years oldSince he was very young and became a profesionals when he was about 15-16years old

Does anyone famous come from Switzerland?

Yes lots. See the link below for a very long list. About the most famous currently is the tennis player Roger Federer.

Is Roger Federer a sports star?

He is a Tennis Superstar , and has won more trophies than I can remember. His name will live on in the record books long after he retires, which will not be anytime soon.

Will Roger Federer win the career Grand Slam?

Yes. Over the past two years it has only been Rafael Nadal who has stopped him in the French Open. However Nadal has a long-term, persistent ankle injury which is effecting his speed and power around the court. Roger Federer continues to improve on clay and I see him winning it if not this year, then next, and with it the career Grand Slam. No, not after Wimbledon 2008. Roger Federer is going through a major slump although he doesn't admit it. Meanwhile, Nadal is becoming better and better. On August 18 2008, Nadal will become No.1 in tennis.

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