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5 years for me

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โˆ™ 2008-08-21 04:57:28
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Q: How long have you been doing rowing?
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How long have georgina and Caroline evers-swindell been in rowing?

They setarted rowing when they were 14 years old. they were doing rowing since.

How long has rowing been around?

Rowing as a sport has been traced back to Ancient Egypt, so it could have been around for 5000 years. For the purpose of transportation, rowing has likely been around longer than that.

How long has Steve redgrave been rowing?

49 years

How long has hamish bond been rowing?

so long his arms fell off

How long has rowing been in the Olympics?

since 1896. The first Olympics

How many calories does rowing burn?

Depending on what are you doing on a rowing practice, but certanly A LOT!

What do the ever-swindell twins love doing?


How long have the swindell sisters been participating in rowing in the Olympics?

They have participated in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics

When did rowing start at the olyimics?

Rowing has been an Olympic event since the 1900 Summer Games in Paris.

How long have they been doing nick kids choice awards?

They have been doing it for quite awhile

When do you use have been doing?

Please note this: "would" is the past tense of "will," while "could" is the past tense of "can." And as you may know, something that CAN happen may not necessarily happen. However something that WILL happen, actually WILL occur. So, if you know that an antecedent WILL result in a specific consequent, then the antecedent WOULD HAVE resulted in the consequent, for example: "My employer told me that if I missed one more day of work I will be fired. So if I would have missed yesterday of work as you wanted me to, I probably would have been fired." "If you miss more than three days of work you can get fired. My boss could have fired me on the spot but he didn't: I had a legitimate excuse."

What is the Name for a long narrow boat?

Generally a long narrow rowing boat (varying from 1 to 8 persons) is refered to as a "rowing shell" or simply "a shell"

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