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The 2009 season is the Braves 44th in Atlanta ... their first season in Atlanta was 1966.

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Q: How long have the braves been in Atlanta?
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How long have the Atlanta Braves been in Atlanta?

The Braves have been based in Atlanta since 1966.

How long have the Atlanta Braves been in existence?

The Braves have been in Atlanta since 1966

How long has the Atlanta Braves been around?

since 1966

How long have the Atlanta Braves been in the MLB?

Since the team moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee in 1966

How long have the braves played in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Braves have played in Atlanta, GA since 1966. For the past 45 years.

What newspaper did the Atlanta Braves get their nickname the miracle Braves?

I have been following the Atlanta Braves for many years. They have been called 'miracle' many times by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which is the now is the only major newspaper in the Atlanta metro area.

Who wore number 22 on Atlanta Braves?

There are currently no player with jersey number 22 on the Atlanta Braves, and the number has not been retired.

Who wore number 3 on Atlanta Braves?

Dale Murphy wore the number 3 for the Atlanta Braves. It has since been retired in his honor.

When did the Milwaukee braves change to the Atlanta braves?

The Milwauke Braves moved and became the Atlanta Braves in 1966

When was Atlanta Braves created?

Atlanta Braves was created in 1871.

Who do the braves belong to Boston or atlanta?

The Braves organization has not been a part of Boston. They left Boston after the 1952 season and went on to be the Milwaukee Braves. After the 1965 season they relocated and became the Atlanta Braves which they still are today.

Where do the Atlanta Braves play at?

The Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.

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