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The New York Giants moved to San Francisco after the 1957 season. The 2015 season will be the Giants' 58th in the Bay Area.

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Q: How long have the San Francisco Giants been playing?
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How long have the Giants been based in San Francisco?

The Giants moved from New York to San Francisco in time for the 1958 season. The 2014 season is the Giants' 57th on the West Coast.

How long did Barry Bonds play for the giants?

He was a member of the San Francisco Giants from 1993 to 2007.

How long has Eli Manning been playing for the New York Giants?

Since the 2004 season.

How long did Willie Mays play for the San Francisco Giants?

After playing for the New York Giants (1951-52, 1954-57), Willie Mays starred for the team in San Francisco from 1958 to 1972. He missed part of the 1952 season and all of the 1953 season because of a military obligation.

How long have the New York Giants been a football team in the NFL?

The Giants have been in the NFL since 1925.

How long have the New York Giants been a team?

They have been around for 86 years. The Giants were established in 1925.

How long does barry zito have left on his contract with the san francisco giants?

Zito's seven-year contract with San Francisco ends after the 2013 season.

How long has the giants organization been in existence?

88 years

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How long has it been since the San Francisco Giants won a World Series?

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals in seven games to win the 2014 World Series. It was the third world championship for the National League ballclub in five seasons. The Giants won the 2012 World Series, sweeping the Detroit Tigers in four games. In 2010, the Giants won the 106th World Series, defeating the Texas Rangers four games to one.The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series in five games over the Texas Rangers.

How long have the New York Giants been in the NFL?

The New York Giants first season in the NFL was in 1925.

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