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The Mets entered the National League in 1962.

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Q: How long have the NY Mets play at NY city?
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Related questions

What city do the Mets play in?

Flushing, NY

Where do the Mets play baseball?

New York City,NY, United States

What year did billy beam play for the NY Mets?


Where did the NY Mets play before Shea Stadium?

The Mets played at the Polo Grounds.

What team is the AA of NY Mets?

Binghamton, NY Mets

What are the farm teams of the AA of NY Mets?

Binghamton, NY Mets

How long was the longest NY Mets game?

The loges mets game was 21 innings long and against the st. louis cardinals

Do the Mets play in Queens or Manhattan?

The New York Mets currently play at Citi Field which officially opened March 29, 2009. The Mets played their first home game at City Field on April 13, 2009. City Field is located at 126th Street & Roosevelt Avenue, Flushings NY. Flushings is a neighbourhood in the north central part of Queens. In short, The Mets play in the borough of Queens, Located in New York city.

Who was the first third baseman of the NY Mets?

Don Zimmer was the Mets' first third baseman. Naturally, he made an error on the Mets' first defensive play.

Who did the NY Mets play in the world series in 1986?

The Mets won the 1986 Series against the Boston Red Sox in seven games.

What year did 2 baseball teams from NY play in the World Series?

2000 Yankees and mets

When did the NY Mets last play in the World Series?

2000 - they were defeated by the New York Yankees

Which players played for the NY Mets NY Yankees NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers?

Not one player played for the ny yankees, ny giants, brooklyn dodgers and ny mets

Does Saul B Katz own the NY Mets?

Fred Wilpon is currently the owner of the NY Mets.

Who did the NY Mets play in the 2006 National League Championship?

The Mets lost the 2006 NLCS to the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3.

Is long island in New York?

Long Island is in NY state ,but not NY city.

What National League baseball team's cap did Billy Crystal wear in City Slickers?

NY Mets

Where were the NY mets from before NY?

They didn't exist before!

Who is the owner of the NY Mets?

The Wilpons

What city do the Buffalo Bills play for?

Buffalo, NY

What city does the Buffalo Bills play for?

Buffalo,NY, but their stadium is in Orchard Park,NY is in Or

When did the NY Mets begin playing?

The Mets first season in MLB was 1962.

Who played for the NY Yankees ny giants Brooklyn dodgersand ny mets?

Duke Snider

What does met stand for in the NY Mets?


Who did the Phillies defeat in the nlcs?

NY Mets

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