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The Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving Day every year since 1966, with the exceptions of the 1975 and 1977 seasons.

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Q: How long have the Dallas Cowboys been playing on Thanksgiving?
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How long have dallas cowboys been playing football?

The Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960.

How long have the Dallas Cowboys been in Dallas?

The Cowboys have been in Dallas since they joined the NFL in 1960.

How long has the Dallas Cowboys been in the national football league?

The Dallas Cowboys have been with the NFL since 1960.

Who are the Dallas Cowboys playing 1st in 2010?

The WINNERS ---------- The 2010 schedule hasn't been determined yet.

How long have the Dallas Cowboys been a team?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960.

How many championships do the Dallas Cowboys have?

The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls in the eight that they have been in.

When was football first played on Thanksgiving?

The Dallas Cowboys started hosting Thanksgiving Day games in 1966. The NFL has been playing Thanksgiving Day games since the twenties. Contrary to popular belief the Cowboys were started as an expansion team in 1960. The Lions have had the game since 1934 (exept the years 1939-1944), and the Cowboys have hosted a game each year since 1966(excluding 1975 and 1977 when the St. Louis Cardinals hosted the game).

Did the Dallas Cowboys beat the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens are the only National Football League team that has never been beaten by the Dallas Cowboys. The Ravens, who began playing during the 1996 season, are 4-0 against the Cowboys.

Where is the squad picture of the 2011 - 2012 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

It has been posted at the Dallas Cowboys' official website

Who is the Dallas Cowboys' punter?

Chris Jones has been the No. 1 punter of the Dallas Cowboys since the 2012 season.

What are all the names for the Dallas Cowboys football team?

Since 1960, they have only been known as the Dallas Cowboys.

Have the Dallas Cowboys always been the Dallas Cowboys?

There have been two professional football teams that started in Dallas in the last 50 or so years. The Dallas Texans, an AFL franchise that moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. The other team was the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were an expansion team in 1960 for the NFL.

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