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There have been womens Water Polo teams at the last two Olympics.

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Q: How long have girls been allowed to compete in aquatic Olympics?
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Related questions

Why weren't girls allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Because they were girls and it was Ancient Greece

Where girls alowd to compete in the ancient Olympics?

|No, females were not allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympics, because men thought that women weren't strong enough, and the Olympics were for "middle and upper class" men. Wives were low class, simply b/c they were not men. :(

In the olympics do girls do in gymnastics?

Girls do compete in gymnastics in the olympics. They compete in four exercises: Balance Beam, Floor, Uneven Bars, and Vault.

Why weren't girls allowed to go to school in ancient Greece?

For some reason they didn't get as many rights as boys did, like getting to go to school or being able to compete in the Olympics. You probably won't believe me but girls weren't even allowed to watch the Olympics.

When did the Olympics start to let girls compete?

Women were able to participate in the Olympics starting in 1900.

Where girls allowed to join in the Olympics?


How many times does the average gymnast compete in the Olympics?

They can compete in the Olympics 1-2 times usually. Your body gets too weak by the time you reach above 25 to be good enough for Olympics compared to the other younger girls that are waiting to go.

How come girls couldn't compete in the ancient Olympics?

cause boys competed naked galfriends!

What would happen when the judge caught girls in the olyimpic?

First of all, girls are allowed in the Olympics ,as athletes and as a part of the crowd. This was allowed since the Modern Olympics started (1896-present).In the ancient Greek Olympics girls would not be allowed to do anything with the. She would thrown out.To answer your Question (answer): Nothing

Are girls allowed in the Olympics?

Yes, but they must be in the women's tournaments.

How has the olympics changed since it first started?

the olympics has changed because they dont do it nude anymore also it has changed because they allow girls to compete.

Who is the youngest Olympic gymnast to compete?

There are age requirements you must be at least 15, however the chinese had girls compete in the 2008 olympics that were suspected to be around 13.

When the Olympics started could girls go?

Back then, girls weren't even allowed to be spectators.

Were girls allowed to participate in the Olympics?

Not until the 1900 Games in Paris.

When were girls allowed in the olympics?

Women were first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games at the 1900 Paris games.

How have the Olympics changed since they started in Ancient Greece?

they're not doing it in the nude anymore, and they allow girls to compete.

When the girls can play Tennis at the Olympic Games?

Women were first allowed to compete in tennis at the 1900 Games in Paris.

What sports did athletes participate in at the first Olympics in ancient Greece?

Chariot Racing- something unfair was girls weren't allowed to go to Olympics or school in that time!

Should girls be allowed on boys sports teams?

boys normally play hardcore sports and they are physically more tough. Girls can compete with guys in any game which requires mentally fitness but since men are stronger than by their natural physique they should have an equal match. which can be happen if girls compete against each other

How old do you have to be to compete at the Olympics in gymnastics?

Gymnasts must be 16 years old or turning 16 in that calendar year in order to compete in the Olympics or other international meets. There is no maximum age.This age limit has been raised a few times and is controversial because many of the best gymnasts in the world are below 16 and thus unable to compete in the Olympics. The great gymnast Nadia Comăneci was only 14 years old when she scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic history at the 1976 Olympic games and won five medals, three of them gold. At this time the minimum age was 14, however Nadia would not have been allowed to compete under today's rules.The age limit was raised from 14 to 15 in 1980 as a result of younger and younger girls competing. In 1997 it was raised again to 16 where it currently stands.

Identify six way in which the ancient olympic games were different from the Olympics as you know them today?

well ill give u quys a clud one way was dat girls wer not allowed to qo in to c the olympics

How can fat girls compete with skinny girls for a boy's attention?

They can't.

What was the Ancient Olympics?

the ancient Olympics were primarily a part of a religious festival in honnor of Zeus, the father of the greek gods and goddesses. The festival and the games were held Olympia, a rural Sanctuary site in the tvestern peloponnesos. that isn't really a question but heres some info, they started in Athens and the were just a sports competition for AThens then the Whole of Greece started playing then more and more countries, the winner of the old games would get fame, girls [only men were allowed to compete] and sometimes food for life

What year were girls allowed to be in ffa?

1969 girls were allowed in ffa!

Why was the Olympic games held in ancient Greece?

Because the king Zeus said they're going to have the Olympics game in Greece so that they be fit. In those times girls won't allowed to play in the Olympics. So in 1900girls got to play in the Olympics because of a Spartan girl called Alexandra (who dressed as a boy to participate in the Olympic).