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Usain Bolt's first international run was in 2002 at the World Junior Championships. His first Olympic run was in 2008.

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Q: How long has usain bolt been running for his country?
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How did Usain Bolt get into running?

by his friend

Did Usain Bolt stop running?

because he making is country win

What country is Usain Bolt?

Usain bolt is from the Caribbean, Jamaica.

How far does Usain Bolt jump in long jump?

Usain Bolt does not compete in the long jump.

What country was usain bolt come from?

Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica.

How many years has Usain Bolt ran?

he has been running professionally for 3 years.

Usain bolt what country is he from?

The country Bolt runs for --- Jamaica!

What country Usain Bolt represent?

Usain Bolt represent the island nation of Jamaica.

How did Usain Bolt start running?

With his legs.

Who is the fastest person running?

Usain Bolt

How many times has Usain Bolt been in the Olympic Games?

How many times has Usain Bolt been in the Olimpics

Who is better Usain Bolt or LeBron James?

In running usain bolt but in basketball lebron james

What brand of running shoes does usain bolt wear?

Usain Bolt's running shoes are made by puma as that is the company that sponsors him. The running shoes that he wore at the olympics were pumas and were available at retail stores.

How old was usain bolt when he started running?


Who is the fastest man running ever?

Usain Bolt

What was Usain Bolt favourite subject in school?


Who is having world record in running?

Usain Bolt

Which country does the athlete Usain Bolt represent in international sport?

Usain Bolt represents Jamaica.

Which country does Usain Bolt like most?

Usain Bolt is from Jamaica so he probably likes Jamaica most.

How old is Usain Bolt when he started running?

he was 21 when he first started running

When did Usain Bolt start running professionally?

It wasn't until highschool until Usain Bolt started track and field. Then his passion for running started building up and from then to now he is world famous!

What country did Usain Bolt?

He is from Jamaica

What sport is vsain bolt famous for?

running, which is not a sport, assuming you mean usain bolt

What doesn't Usain Bolt like?

Usain bolt doesn't like driving well he says he is bad at it and he doesn't like long distance running.

When did usain start running?

usain bolt started track and field when his coach told him to at the age of 12