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Tom Brady just completed his 12th season as an NFL quarterback, he made his debut in the 2000 season

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Q: How long has tom bradey played in the NFL?
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What college did NFL player Tom Brady play for?

NFL player Tom Brady played for Michigan.

What college did NFL player Tom Johnson play for?

NFL player Tom Johnson played for Southern Mississippi.

What college did NFL player Tom Compton play for?

NFL player Tom Compton played for South Dakota.

What college did NFL player Tom Savage play for?

NFL player Tom Savage played for Pittsburgh.

How long did Tom Brady play Major League baseball?

Tom Brady never played professional baseball. He was an 18th round draft choice by the Montreal Expos in the 1995 draft but opted to go to the University of Michigan for football.

What QB has the best stats in the nfl?

For playing a long time, Tom Brady

What nfl quarterback played for New England Patriots in 2001 and was replaced by Tom Brady?

Drew Bledsoe

How much is a Tom Bradey football card worth?

depends what brand made it, what year it was made and if it is limited edition, but usually football cards arent worth much

How many Syracuse football players played in NFL?

27 players have come from Syracuse to the NFL, not including Tom Coughlin, coach for the New York Giants, and Al Davis(who owns an nfl franchise).

How long has tom brady been QB for The new England patriots?

Tom Brady has been a member of the New England Patriots since the 2000 season.