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NEVER, soccer does not exist in Europe it's called football here.

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Q: How long has soccer been played by people in France?
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What movie and television projects has Nicolas Anelka been in?

Nicolas Anelka has: Played himself in "Soccer AM" in 1992. Played Himself - 1998 Charity Shield in "The Treble" in 1999. Played himself in "The Premiership" in 2001. Played Nicolas, the soccer player in "Le boulet" in 2002. Played Himself - France in "2008 UEFA European Football Championship" in 2008. Played Himself - France in "2010 FIFA World Cup" in 2010.

For how long has Italy been playing Soccer for?

The Italian Football Federation was formed in 1898, and they played their first international against France in 1910, they won 6-2.

How was soccer brought to France?

Soccer might have been brought to France just because it hade a lot of people that were playing soccer there or just because somebody was ploaying soccer and then she/he brought people to see it and they asked ands then the next then next then next and on and on. now the whole country knows about it thank you who ever did that from scratch. I love soccer, do ypou like soccer, s0ccer takes just a a lot of practice and then you wilkl get it (sorry for my grammar thart is stupid I don't kmow hwow to type thaT ELK YET

Where has the soccer world cup been held in the past?

The world cup soccer has been held 21 times.

What sport is played and watched by most people than any other?

Soccer or football is one of the most watched as well as played sport anywhere. Soccer has been the world sport longer than any other.

What exact date did Robert Kane invent soccer?

He didn't. Soccer has been played for hundreds of years.

How long has ronaldihno been playing soccer?

Ronaldihno has been playing soccer since 1998 in the year 1999 he joined F.C.B . He has played soccer for 8 years till now.

What year was soccer first played?

Various forms of soccer have been played for thousands of years but as we know the game today, around 1857

How many different sports have been played at Fenwaypark?

Baseball, Hockey, Football, and Soccer have been played at Fenway Park.

What are the rules to slime soccer?

Trying to find the exact rules for the game of slime soccer has been difficult, as there is not one set of exact rules, since this game is a computerized version and not played by real people.

How long has football been played between ku and mu?


In what year were the fist soccer cleats invented?

Late 1800's, but soccer has been played for over 2,000 years.