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Fencing was in the first Modern Olympics in 1896.

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Q: How long has fencing been an Olympic sport?
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How long has curling an Olympic sport?

It has been an Olympic sport since 1998.

Why was fencing introduced into the Olympics?

Fencing is an ancient sport with a long history, popular enough around the world to merit a spot in the Olympic Games.

Which Olympic sport involves using long slender swords?

Fencing is a sport in which two opponents face off using swords such as those.

How long is Olympic fencing?


How long has hokey been an Olympic sport?

as long as dese nuts been in your mouth

How long has trampoline been an olympic sport?

Since 2000

How long has athletics been an olympic sport?

since 3000

How long has the sport Skeleton been an olympic sport?

From 1928 - 1948 and from 2002 - present.

How long has short track speed skating been an olympic sport?

It has been an Olympic sport since 1763 and is still being played today.

How long has Badminton been in the Summer Olympic Games?

Badminton became an Olympic sport in 1992.

How long has alpine skiing been an Olympic sport?

Since 1936.

How long has boxing been an olympic sport?

since greek times

When did the long jump become an Olympic sport?

It was a sport in the first Olympic.

How long has fencing been in the Olympics?

fencing has been in the Olympics from 1928

Is fencing the only sport that has long thin swords?


What Olympic activities begin with the letter L?

Luge is an Olympic sport. The long jump is an Olympic sport.

How long has swimming been an olympic sport?

440-50 years when the olyompics started

How long has fencing been around?

Fencing has been around since the invention of the sword.

How long has bobsleding been an olympic sport?

Bobsled, known in the Olympics as 'bobsleigh', has been an Olympic event since the first Winter Games in 1924.

How long have people been fencing?

People have been fencing for over 500 years. Fencing was first introduced in the crusades.

How long has diving been a olympic sport for?

Diving debuted at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

How long has Canoeing been a Olympic sport?

Canoeing was introduced to the Olympics at the 1936 Games in Berlin.

Which sport involves fighting with long thin swords?

The sport of fencing makes use of thin blades.

How long has icing dancing been an Olympic sport?

Ice dancing first became a medal sport in the winter olympics of 1976.

What is an Olympic sport?

Very Long Jump