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20 years

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Q: How long has coach k coached duke basketball?
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How long has Gary Williams coached Maryland basketball?

Gary Williams was hired as the Maryland mens basketball coach on June 13, 1989.

How long has Mike Krzyzewski coached Duke?

Since 1980

Who is the Long time duke coach?

Mike Krzyzewski

Who was the long time Duke coach?

Mike Kryzyzewski

How long was Bill Cowher the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Bill Cowher was the head coach of the Steelers for 15 seasons. Bill coached from 1992-2006.

How long has Joe paterno coached?

The 2008 season is Joe Paterno's 59th as an assistant coach or head coach at Penn State. He was an assistant from 1950-1965 and took over as head coach in 1966.

How long did vince lombardi coach for?

15 years Lombardi coached the packers from 1959 season through the 1967 season (9 years). He then coached the redskins in 1969. Ten years total.

How long did Lou saban coach for the New England Patriots?

He coached the first 19 games in the club's history - he coached the 1960 season and the first five games of 1961 before he was fired.

How long was grahm Henry the coach of wales?

He was coach of the Welsh rugby team from 1998 until 2003, in between two periods when he coached the New Zealand All Blacks.

In basketball how long does a coach have to substitute for a player that has fouled out?

Until the referee thinks that the time has been long enough. If the coach will not substitute a player in, then the coach is hit with a technical foul.

How long has Mike Krzyzewski been at Duke?

Mike Krzyzewski has been the head coach at Duke since 1980, so about 28-29 years!

How long has Pat Summitt coached the Tennessee Lady Volunteers?

Pat Summitt became head coach at Tennessee in 1974, which means she has been there for 34 years.

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