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Basketball has been around for 118 years. It was invented in 1891 by a physical education teacher, James Naismith. Basketball started out with two peach baskets attached to a ten foot railing and played with a soccer ball. Later in 1893 they introduced the iron hoops and the hammock type basket.

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Q: How long has basket ball been played for?
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How long is a basket ball match?

A standard NBA game is 48 minutes.

High school basketball rules DOes the basket count if the ball goes through the hoop after the buzzer?

As long as the ball left your hands before the buzzer, yes the basket is counted good.

Can a player dribble the ball before inbounding the ball under the basket after a made shot?

Yes, as long as you smile pretty at the refs

What is a peach basket?

In the beginning, basketball was played with a peach basket nailed to a post. James Naismith wrote the rules and had his gym class play the game. The peach baskets did not have a hole in the bottom and when a team got a basket, they had to get the ball manually. He removed the bottom so they could poke the balls out using a long dowel.

How long does a professional basket ball game last?

It lasts 48 minutes; 12 minutes per quarter

What are the characteristics of basketball?

the characteristics are how your toe looks in basket ball does it look long or fat or short or rotton or smelly.

Can you intercept ball on way to basket?

You can intecept the ball whenever you can as long as you don't foul them. If yuio don't push, reach or hit the player you can try to intercept it.

How long has jenny kinch been playing softball?

Jenny Finch has been playing all her life. Played travel ball when she was younger.

If the siren sounds and the basketball bounces and goes in?

As long as a player doesn't touch the ball after the siren sounds the basket is good.

Does a dunk count if it hits the ring?

a dunk is a dunk as long as you jump to the hoop and slam the basket ball in the hoop if it misses then its not

How long has net ball been going on for?

a long time

Can an offensive player can stand under the basket until they receive the ball?

No, any player standing within the "paint", or rectangular area directly in front of the basket, can be charged with a 3 second violation for standing in front of the basket for too long.

How long does the offense have to put the ball in play after the opposing team scores a basket?

Generally speaking the offense in basketball must put the ball in play within 5 seconds.

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What is Justin Bieberes favorite thing to do during his downtime?

if its been a long week just chill and sleep all day or just to be a regular kid play basket ball with bis friend or hockey stuff like that

What sized ball is a a game of netball played with?

about a foot long and wide

How old do you have to be to play basket ball?

As long as he capable to play basketball. There's no age limit actually it is good for health as exercise and meet a lot of friends

How long has the ball been dropped on new years?

7 times

How long ago has the dodge ball been around?

1 second

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How did basketball get its name?

Because the ball is shot into a net.-Also, because the first hoop was a peach basket- hence 'basket'ball.A Canadian doctor, Dr. Naismith , first had the idea to create a game that would fill gymnasiums during wintertime. After long and deep thoughts, he found this principle: two teams must throw a ball into a basket. At the very beginning , the basket was not pierced but they rapidly decided to do so. (To make the game quicker)

Can you shoot with 0.3 seconds on a game clock in the NBA?

As long there is any time left, even .01 seconds, on the clock and the ball has already left your hands the basket will count.