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Susie O'Neill's record 2:05.81: was recorded on 17/05/2000, Sydney (AUS) This was broken by Otylia Jedrzejczak of Poland, 2:05.78: on 4/08/2002 in Berlin

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Q: How long has Suzie O'Niell had her 200m butterfly record for?
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Who holds the 200m butterfly record?

Michael Phelps (USA).

What is the Olympic record for the men's 200m Butterfly?

2 minutes 14.41 Seconds

Mens world record for 200m butterfly?

The woman's record in the 200 m butterfly is currently held by Zige Liu of China and is a 2:04.18

What races did Michael Phelps enter in the Beijing games?

400m Individual medley 4x100m freestle relay 200m freestyle 200m butterfly 4 x 200m freestyle relay 200m individual medley 100m butterfly 4x100m medley relay. Winning gold in 8 out of 8.

What events did Michael Phelps win his 8 gold medals in?

200m Freestyle 100m Butterfly 200m Butterfly 200m Individual Medley 400m Individual Medley 4 x 100m Freestyle Reley (First Leg) 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay (First Leg) 4 x 100m Medley Relay (Butterfly Leg/Third Leg)

Who is malik mohanlal vargas?

A great swimmer in the 50m.100m freestyle and 50m.100m.200m butterfly. individual medley 200m

What is the 200m sprint record for the mens olympic record?


What is the men's 200m world record?


Does Michael Phelps compete in every men's swimming event?

No. There are 17 men's events, Phelps is competing in only 5 individual events: 200m Individual Medley, 100m Butterfly, 400m Individual Medley, 200m Butterfly and 200m Freestyle. He will also participate in 2 or 3 relays.

What is the male world record for 200m sprint?

The male world record for the 200m sprint is 19.19 seconds, set by Usain Bolt of Jamaica in 2009.

Which record was broken first by Usain Bolt 100m or 200m?

Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record 3 times and the 200m world record 2 times. He first broke the 100m record May 31, 2008. He rebroke it August 16, 2008 and August 16, 2009. He first broke the 200m world record August 20, 2008. He rebroke the 200m world record August 20, 2009.

What was Michael Phelps time in the 100 fly at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Michael Phelps won gold in the 100 meter butterfly at the 2008 Games in Beijing in a time of 50.58 seconds, a new Olympic record.