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Debuting in 2001 out of the University of Utah, Steve Smith has been a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers for twelve years. Smith currently holds the record for the Panthers for the most touchdowns scored.

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The 2010 season will be the Panthers 16th in the NFL. Their first season in the NFL was 1995.

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he is 35

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Q: How long has Steve Smith played for the Carolina Panthers?
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Who is the best player on Carolina Panthers?

Steve Smith or Deangelo Williams

What state does Steve Smith on the Panthers live in?

Steve Smith does live in North Carolina. He lives in the Charlotte area! My cousin babysits his Child!

Steve smith 40 time?

Steve Smith, originally with the Carolina Panthers is now with the Baltimore Ravens. He plays wide receiver. His time in the 40 was 4.39 seconds.

Is Steve smith of the Carolina Panthers the best wide reciver in football history?

yes he is. definitely

Is Steve smith married to Carolina's panthers coach Fox's daughter?

No. He is married to a girl from Salt Lake City.

What is the dollar value of a pair of Carolina Panthers Steve Smith's Reebok autographed cleats?

$765.50 I would say.

Where did Steve smith go to collage?

Steve Smith (Panthers) - played college football at Santa Monica College & University of Utah Steve Smith (Giants) - played college football at University of Southern California

What NFL team does Steve Smith play for?

There are 2 Steve Smiths in the NFL one plays for the New York Giants and the other one plays for the Carolina Panthers

How much would a Carolina Panthers Steve smith autographed game worn glove be worth?

30-50 bucks

Who is the most Famous panthers football player?

Steve Smith Is one of the Famous Players For the Carolina Panthers Because he's the running back and has made some incredible catches and runs.

What is the value of a Carolina Panthers football signed by deshaun foster Julius peppers Steve smith john fox deangelo Williams?


Who are five players on the Carolina Panthers football team?

Steve Smith, Matt Moore, Deangelo Williams, Jonathen Stewart, Jimmy Clausen