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sice 1990

591 appearances

109 goals to date

if you ant more info search "Ryan Giggs" on

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2010-08-28 21:31:00
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Q: How long has Ryan giggs played for man utds first team?
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How long has Ryan giggs played for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has been with Manchester United for 25 years

How long has Ryan giggs been captain for?

Ryan Giggs isn't the Manchester United captain. He may captain once or twice as a temporary captain, however he isn't the real captain.

How much is a framed Manchester united shirt signed by Ryan giggs and george best worth?

As both Ryan Giggs and George Best , were long serving and talented players at Manchester United it will cost a great deal.

How long Ryan giggs been at man utd?

Since the age of 14 which means 25 years.

How long has Ryan Getzlaf played?

5 years

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Noel Bailey, the Linfield F C centre half has notched up over 1000 games for his club and is still playing today. It is highly unlikely that this record will ever be beaten, considering you would have to play 50 games per season for 20 years to reach 1000 games. Hard to avoid transfer, injury, and younger players taking your place for so long.

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Who was Ryan Giggs dating?

Davinia Murphy was one of the women he dated, but that was back in the 90's. He was dating Caroline Stanbury up 'til 2002, and it was then that he began seeing childhood friend Stacey Cooke. (He was dating both for a while.) Stacey delivered Liberty in August of that year (2002), and Ryan proposed. They had some ups and downs, and there was an alleged affair when Ryan was away for a while, but had another child together in 2007. Ryan eventually married to his long-time partner privately on the 7th of September, 2007. In a cursory scan of available biographical information, it rapidly comes to light that Ryan Giggs is a pretty private person. Not that many sketches contain a goodly stack of information on the personal life of this, the most decorated English footballer in history.

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Ryan Long was born on 1973-02-03.

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