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Q: How long has Mike Tyson been pro?
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When Mike Tyson lost the Boxing title? will have tyson's full pro record.

Not as a pro who was the first person to beat Mike Tyson?

AKO TUMALO KAY MIKE TYSON BAKIT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? GAGO KC XA !!!

How many fights did Mike Tyson win altogether?

As a pro, 50.

Who was the first person to knockout Mike Tyson?

As a Pro, James Buster Douglas

Tyson v Ali?

ali retired in 1981, and Tyson turned pro in '85 but if they had fought in their respective primes, i believe ali would have been too much for iron mike.

How long has mike mo capaldi been pro?

3 million years

The weight of Mike Tyson on his first heavyweight fight?

Tyson weighed 214 when he fough hector Mercedes in his first pro fight in 1985.

What was the record for Mike Tyson when he had his 1st lost?

Tyson was 37 - 0 (33 ko's) before he fought Douglas in 1990, losing for the first time as a pro.

What age was Mike Tyson when he retired?

Tyson was born on June 30, 1966 and he had his last Pro bout on June 11, 2005, so he was 19 days short of his 39th Birthday.

How many matches did Mike Tyson played totally?

Tyson's pro record stands 50 wins(44 by ko),-6 losses(5 by ko), -0 draws and 2 no contests.

Who were Mike Tyson's pro losses to?

James Buster Douglas Evander Holyfield (twice) Lennox Lewis Danny Williams Kevin McBride

When was Mike Tyson's first heavyweight fight?

Tyson was an Amateur Heavyweight for several years before having his 1st pro bout as a heavyweight against Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985, with Tyson winning by a 1st round knockout. (1:50).

Who was Mike Tysons apponent to become the first world champion?

tyson's pro record

When did Mike Tyson beome pro?

March 6 1985 aged 18. He ko'd Hector Mercedez in the first round in Albany, New York.

When did Mike Tyson become pro?

March 6 1985 aged 18. He ko'd Hector Mercedez in the first round in Albany, New York.

How many pro bowls has Mike Vick been selected to?


How many pro fights has Mike Tyson won in his carreer?

58 fights. 50 wins, 6 losses and 2 no contests. will have his complete record.

When did mike mo capaldi go pro?

mike mo is not pro yet

How long has rob dyrdek been pro a pro skater?

He was signed at 18 and has been pro since with alienworkshop the whole time

Who knocked Mike Tyson down for the first time?

in the pro ring, buster douglas. in the gym, i believe it was greg page. lol @ greg page it was OLIVER McCall lol

Did Mike Tyson bit somebodys ear off?

Evander Holyfield in June 1997 in the third round of their rematch. will have the full pro records of both fighters, and will have the video.

Who was the first person to knockdown Mike Tyson?

As a Pro, James Buster Douglas allthough buster douglas knocked mike tyson down and eventually beat him he wasnt the first to knock him down,the first person as a pro to knock him down was tony tnt tucker in a world title bout but the ref said it was a slip but was quite clearly seen as a punch to the head that did it als o james smith did the same but was looked at as a slip

How many fight did Mike Tyson won and lost?

as a pro, he won 50, with 44 by knockout or stoppage he lost 6, 5 inside the distance and he had two no contests. will have his full record.

Is mike mo pro?

Yesh he is.

Was there a pro baseball player named Mike Wasenda?

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