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34 years.

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Q: How long has Jim Boeheim been coach for the Orangemen?
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What were the Syracuse orangemen called first?

As long as they have had a mascot they've been the Orangemen (changed to just the Orange in 2004) but in 1890 they changed the school color from rose pink and pea green to orange and the mascot grew from that.

How long has coach brand been around?


How long has Joe Paterno been head coach?

Joe Paterno has been the head coach of Penn State for 43 seasons.

In basketball how long does a coach have to substitute for a player that has fouled out?

Until the referee thinks that the time has been long enough. If the coach will not substitute a player in, then the coach is hit with a technical foul.

How long has the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles been there?

11 seasons

How long has joe paterno been a head coach?

The 2010 season was his 45th as a head coach. All have been with Penn State ... his first season as head coach of Penn State was 1966.

How long has Jeff fisher been coach?

He has been an assistant coach since 1989 with the Eagles; he became a head coach in 1994 of the Oilers. He held the head coaching job until the end of the 2010 season.

How long has graham Henry been the all blacks coach?

After leaving Wales as head coach he went to be the defensive coach of the Blues in the Super 12. In 2003 he was appointed head coach of the New Zealand team

How long has joe paterno been the head coach at penn state?

41 seasons

How long has mike smith been Atlanta's head coach?

Mike Smith has been the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons since the beginning of the 2008-2009 NFL Regular Season.

How long has Urban Myer been the coach for the Gators?

The 2009 season will be Urban Meyer's 5th as head coach of the Gators. He took over in 2005.

How long has mike McCarthy been packers head coach?

Five Years, from 2006-Present