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Since the 2004 season.

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Q: How long has Eli Manning been playing for the New York Giants?
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Who has been named MVP in a previous Super Bowl?

Most Recently: Eli Manning QB (New York Giants).

Were the giants playing in the American or national league in 1903?

The New York Giants were playing in the National League in 1903. The Giants have always been a National League team.

How long have the San Francisco Giants been playing?

The New York Giants moved to San Francisco after the 1957 season. The 2015 season will be the Giants' 58th in the Bay Area.

Who Are The Giants Main Rivals?

The Los Angeles Dodgers, who they have been rivals with since their days playing in New York.

Are the New York Giants building a new stadium?

It has been completed. The New York Giants began playing in their new stadium in 2010. It was originally named New Meadowlands Stadium, but is now MetLife Stadium.

How long have the New York Giants been in the NFL?

The New York Giants first season in the NFL was in 1925.

How do cowboys and giants all time records compare?

According to, the Dallas Cowboys are 431-314-6 (.579) and the New York Giants are 625-516-33 (.548). The Giants have been playing since 1925, but the Cowboys have only been playing since 1960.

How long have the New York Giants been a team?

They have been around for 86 years. The Giants were established in 1925.

How long have the New York Giants been a football team in the NFL?

The Giants have been in the NFL since 1925.

How many years have Peyton Manning been playing?

12 years

How long has Peyton Manning been playing football?

He started with the Colts in 1998

How long has Eli Manning been quarterback for the giants?

Eli Manning became the starting QB for the Giants in Game 11 of the 2004 season when he took over from Kurt Warner. He has started every game since then through the 2008 season.

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