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Derek Jeter was named New York Yankees team captain in 2003.

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Q: How long has Derek Jeter been the captain?
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How long has Derek Jeter been the shortstop for the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter has been the Yankees starting shortstop since his rookie season in 1996.

How long is Derek Jeter staying with the New York Yankees?

In December 2010, Derek Jeter signed a contract to stay with the Yankees for three more years, with an option for a fourth year.

How long will Derek Jeter play baseball?

He will probably retire in about 5 or 6 years.

How long will Derek Jeter be with the New York Yankees?

A Yankee ForeverFrom What I have read Derek Jeter could write his own check, as the Yankees have stated they will resign him at all cost. Derek is entering the last year of his current contract in 2010. He will finish his career as a Yankee. So It is said.

Did Derek Jeter have any pets while growing up?

No he was afraid of animals then and now. its a long story, Derek Jeter had a dog when he was 10 but that dog was a bloodhound and it ate his hot dog or something so he didnt want to give it so then the dog attacked him

Did Minka Kelly marry Derek Jeter?

No, his sister Sharlee got married at Oheka Castle on Long Island, New York.

Is Derek Jeter Overrated?

Definitely not! And anyone who thinks so doesn't know the definition of overrated!overrated- to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate: I think you overrate their political influence.Derek Jeter is indeed overrated.Good for him he has 2,700 something hits, that's nowhere near Pete Rose. Many active players have over 2,700 hits and they dont get paid $20,000,000 every season.You get paid for the work in progress. It does not matter how many hits Pete Rose has. If Derek Jeter ends his career with over 3,500 hits, should they wait and give him the $20 million as a parting gift? Also, the long list of active players with 2,700 or more hits is Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., Ivan Rodriguez and Omar Vizquel. Derek deserves his money, he will be the only Yankee with 3,000 hits, he is their Captain, he is a winner and has brought nothing but class to the organization. George spent the money wisely on Derek.

What is Derek Jeter's single-season high for home runs?

Derek Jeter's single-season high for home runs came in 1999, where he hit 24 long balls. That was also the year he accumulated his single-season highs for batting avg. (.349), Runs scored (134), Hits (219), Triples (9), and RBI (102)

How long is Derek Jeter's baseball bat?

"A MLB bat can be no more than 42" in length. Jeter uses a 36" bat." That horseshit,Jeter doesn't swing a 36" bat. Hell i think the longest is Ryan Howard and i believe he swings a 36" bat. Nobody swings a 42". Jeter probably swings a 32 or 33. Not a 36" , that's a load of crap.

What is Derek Jeter's annual salary?

Derek Jeter's 2009 salary was $21,600,000. And the baseball season is 162 games long (excluding playoffs and spring training). So Jeter makes (approximately) $133,333 for each game of the regular season.

How long has Daniel Alfredsson been the captain of the Ottawa Senators?

He has been their captain since the '99 2000 season.

When was Derek Long born?

Derek Long was born in 1925.