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A chariot race in ancient Rome normally lasted for seven laps.

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Q: How long does one chariot race last for?
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Does Ben-Hur involve a chariot race?

In the movie Ben Hur there was one terrific chariot race. I think to this day one of the best done in a movie.

When did the chariot race ended?

A chariot race ended when a driver completed seven laps around the course. The first one got first place, the second one second place, etc.etc.

What is chariot racing?

Chariot racing is an old Greek,Roman sport that was created for entertainment chariot race is one driver pulled by horse. The racers race in circles in the Circus maximus (building they were normally held in)These races are dangerous for both the horse and driver!

What was chariot racing?

Chariot racing is an old ancient Greek and Roman sport that was created for entertainment. Chariot race is one driver pulled by a horse in a chariot. The racers race in circles in the Circus maximus (building they were normally held in)These races are dangerous for both the horse and driver. Ancient Romans and Greeks hold races everyday for the entertainment of the people. If one won, or even just survived, they would become famous because the life expectancy of a charioteer was not very long. They could win money and if one was a slave could buy their own freedom.

Who could race in chariot races?

In order to participate in a chariot race one had to be a member of a team. Rome had four teams, the Reds, Whites, Blues and Greens. It's unclear as to exactly how many entries each team could have in a race, or if the various teams raced against each other in a single race or in a matchup.

Does Ares like chariot?

One of Ares' symbols is a chariot.

How many sports were in the ancient Olympics?

It started with one - a foot race, and progressively expanded to include throwing, physical contact and chariot racing.

Is the last name RACE an Irish name?

name one type of Irish road race

How were chariot races organised?

they used to organise the chariot one by one in line so they all set of a different time and then they sent of when a horn sound was shouted out that was so they were ready to start so they started and then all they chariot race began and it all ended up that everybody died and a few people was a live thats because they were strong and brave

What was the atmosphere like at roman chariot racing?

The atmosphere at a Roman chariot race was one of excitement and anticipation. The Romans were fanatical supporters of their favorite teams. You could compare the atmosphere to the deciding game in a World Series or Stanley Cup final.

Is using last but one correct?

Yes, it is correct as in My horse finished last but one in the race; the last only had three legs.

Will Percy Jackson kiss Annabeth Chase?

Yes, they kissed 4 time. One on the cheek in The Sea Of Monsters after winning a chariot race. The other kiss was in The Battle of Labyrinth. Assuming that Percy will die, Annabeth kissed him. Other was in The Last Olympian , one in the dining area and one in the canoe lake.

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