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-Well- I presume you have some misunderstanding. I myself am from the New England Region and -here- "Lowell, Mass" is THE HUB for amateur boxing. The New England Championships are held there at Memorial Auditorium each year. My friend Harold Souther (Newburyport, Mass) was a NEGG champion, in his day. I myself had shot at that title in 83-85-86 (finished 2nd twice and "top third", once -156lbs-). The GOLDEN GLOVES is an Organization and they stage TOURNAMENTS. If you win the "Title" you are the champ in the district. It goes as high as the "Nationals" level. When I was boxing, actually, the AAU (later the USA/ABF) was the STONGER of the two governing bodies. There possibly could be places where "golden gloves" are "awarded" buy, it is a "Cult" sort of thing, if it exists, at all. In NE championships there is a COSTELLO Cup awarded to the voted upon "best boxer" of tournament. Sometimes, Tournaments will refere to the same thing as "Golden Boy" award. I hope this helps you. Reach me directly if more insight will be needed. JOHN WILKINSON NEW BRITAIN, CT ("World Hqts of Stanley Tools") boxer (retired) 51 bouts in RECORD and Founder of Central Ct. State Univ boxing (1980-93)

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Q: How long does it usually take to earn golden gloves in boxing?
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