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Depends on how fast you are..

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Q: How long does it take to steal on a softball field?
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When can you steal home in softball?

Whenever you would like to take the chance.

How do you delayed steal in softball?

i delayed steal is you do your normal lead off from whatever base you are on and then when the catcher throws the ball to the pitcher you take off to the next base

Can you steal in fast pitch softball?

yes! when the pitcher releases the ball from her hand then the runner can come off the bag and either take a lead or steal the next base.

What should I take to softball?

Most softball players wear long socks, cleats, shorts, and a t shirt. They bring a bat and a softball if one is not provided to them.

How do you steal a base in fastpitch softball?

In fastpitch softball you can either do a straight steal or a delayed steal. A straight steal is when you take off running for the next base as soon as the pitcher releases the ball. A delayed steal is when you lead off the base like you would any other pitch, but a little farther. When the catch throws the ball back to the pitcher you take off running to the next base. This is successful because it confuses the defense, especially if they are not paying attention to you. A lot of times you can steal a base using a delayed steal without them even getting the chance to throw the ball before you get to the base.

How long does it take to steal a car?

like 7 min

How many players take the field for one team in slow pitch softball?

slow pitch softball requires 10 players, 6 infield and 4 outfield.

How long did it take for women to have the privilige to play softball?

Softball was invented in 1887 but everybody played it. Not until later did mostly women play baseball and men can play softball too.

In softball what is the difference between a long and short hop?

A short hop will bounce right before you. A long hop will have bounced long before the ball reaches you. Short hops are a lot harder to field than long hops. They take a lot more practice and determination.

How long does it take to plow a field?

It depends on how big your field and plow are.

If you had 3 pieces of candy how long would it take for me to steal them from you?

NEVEERR. I take very good care of my candy.

What is inside of a softball?

The inside of a softball is made of cork. Even though it is called a softball, it is not soft at all. Take it from me :)

How long did it take to build citi field?


When can you take the lead off base in softball?

After the softball has crossed over that home plate.

How long will it take to become a softball pitcher?

it doesnt matter how long it takes you to become the next Jenny Finch, but it depends how long and hard you practice. -aLONdRa <333

How long does field corn take to come up?

check your answer

How long does it take to get a doctrine in nursing field?

eight years

In what sport do you take a long or short corner?

Field hockey.

What does steal mean?

Steal to take something away from someone without asking them.

In which sport do players take long and short corners?

Field Hockey

How long did it take to build Lambeau Field?

4 days :3

How long does it take for field mice to grow up?

100 weeks

How long does it normally take to learn how to pitch fast pitch softball?

To be a decent softball pitcher it could take 3-4 years to pitch a softball. Fastpitch that is. The ball is bigger and weighs more than a baseball. The wind up is tricky. Most pitchers that I know have to practice their pitching around 3 to 4 days a week.

What does mean by heist?

to steal or take

How long does it take to become police officer?

It take a long time. You have to either get a BA in something pertaining to that field or preferably a MA.