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Q: How long does it take to run a kilometer?
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If A man runs 100 meters in 10.46 seconds how long would it take him to run 1 kilometer?

It will take him 104.6 seconds.

How long is an 8 kilometer run?

Five miles.

How long does it take to run 1 kilometer?

The time it takes to run one kilometer is entirely dependent on the individual. The fastest time ever recorded for the 1000m event is 2:11.96 by Noah Ngeny of Kenya.

How long is a 5 kilometer run?

3.1 miles fool

How long is a 5 kilometer run in miles?

A five km run is about 3.1 miles.

18 minutes to run 3.2 kilometers How long does it take to run 1 kilometer?

if it takes you 18 minutes to run 3.2 kilometres, then it would take an estimate of about 6 minutes for 1 kilometre because you run slightly faster in the beginning!

How long is a 3 kilometer run in miles?

3 kilometers = 1.86 miles.

How long does it take you to run 1 kilometer if you ran 9.6 kilometer in one hour?

(1 kilometre) / (9.6 kilometre per hour) = 1/9.6 hour = 0.10417 hour (rounded) = 6minutes 15seconds

How long is a 10 kilometer run?

-10 Kilometers-10, 000 Meters-1,000,000 Centimeters-6.2 MilesIf you meant 'How long would it take' then i really depends on who is running it. There is no set time on how long a run takes. If you want to find out how long it would take you then find out your comfortable speed for a long run (measure time between two points then calculate Speed = Distance/Time) then multiply it up for 10 kilometers. Say it takes you 1 minute to run 1 kilometer (60kph, unlikely i know) then it would take you 10 minutes to run 10 kilometers. Assuming that you maintained a constant or average of the quoted speed.

How long does it take to walk one kilometer at 4 kilometer per hour?

1/4 of a hour

How long does it take light to travel 1 kilometer?

8 minutes

How long does it take to drive 1 kilometer?

That will depend on the speed you are driving at.

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