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To play mini Golf just go to a putting green and put small or large objects as obsticles (optional but it's more fun this way). Since in a putting green there are many flags, go from one flag to another constantly with those obsticles, (that's if you want to put them). So yes, mini golf is putting only from hole to hole with obstacles like, sand (sprinkle some in one place and it will be like an obstacle, the ball will slow down if it goes over it), rocks, leaves with a stem so it will act like a tree (puncture the ground with the stem). That's how you play mini golf, you have to have a putting green with obstacles and put to each hole and count how many shots it takes for you to go in the hole. (Sorry, i might have confused you but 95% of mini golf has obstacles so I mean you can put them like it's suppose to be or not).

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Well, it really depends on how long the player can shoot the ball - at most is 30minutes.

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Q: How long does it take to play a round of mini golf?
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