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a long time

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Q: How long does it take to make a bow and arrow?
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How long did it take to make wood into a bow in arrow?

10 to twenty weeks.

Do you make a bow and arrow in minecraft?

you make a bow seprate and the arrow you find when killing a skeleton

How long is an arrow of a compound bow?

The arrow should be as long as your your hand holding your bow to your cheek thats how long it should be

What determines the length of an arrow one should get for their bow What is the advantage of a longer arrow over a smaller one and vice-versa?

the arrow you should choose depends on the draw lenght of the archer. when you go to an archery shop, take your bow and they will give you an arrow with a ruler on it, you draw the arrow in the bow and the shop owner will tell you how long you draw the arrow.

How long is a bow and arrow?

That would vary wildly upon the bow and the arrow. There are many different types of bow and probably a fair few different types of arrow.

What type of bow and arrow was used in the movie avatar?

Long Bow

How do you make a paper bow and arrow?

scrunch up some paper in the shape of a bow and arrow...:L XD

How you can make a bow for arrow?

There are several sites on how to make a bow's, I will include a couple of sites and an excerpt from one of them: (#4 is a video for a toy bow & arrow)A high quality bow can take weeks or months to cure and construct, but a simpler version (1.0) can be made relatively quickly and with readily available materials. The instructions below, based largely on the U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76, can teach you how to construct a "field-expedient" bow.# # #

What is the synonym for the word bow?

Which meaning of the word bow? There's the bow of a boat, a ribbon and bow, a bow and arrow, take a bow...

What did brian use to make a bow an arrow in the book hatchet?

Brian used to make the bow and arrow by, some of the resources that he had in the shelter with him and the outside resources

What does Brian need to make a bow and arrow in the book Hatchet?

Brian needs to make a bow and arrow in the book "hatchet"because he needs food and to get food he needs t hunt so he needs to make hunting weapons. He needs to make the bow and arrow to hunt.

In hatchet how did Brian make his bow and arrow?