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around 3 years

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โˆ™ 2010-08-23 18:31:17
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Q: How long does it take to learn as new trick on a skateboard?
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How long does it take to learn a new diving trick?

it depends on what trick you are doing.

What is the name of a skateboard trick that you take all 4 wheels off the ground?

One of them is a kick-flip.

How long does it take to make a skateboard?

by, hand or assembly?

How long will it take to become a professional skateboarder?

it depends, if you skateboard as often as you can, and learn the tricks, you could in 5+ years. if you skateboard every once in a while, and don't nail the basics at first, you might in 8+ years.

How long should it take to land the shuvit on a skateboard?

about a week

About how long does it take to be able to do a jump on a skateboard?

if by jump you mean an ollie,,it took me about a month of really practicing and wanting to learn this. If you cant ollie you cant really do any tricks, i mean to do a kickflip you have to ollie first, to do a heelflip you have to do an ollie first. almost evry trick on a board starts with the ollie.

Can horse learn to do simple trick?

Yes But The Tricks Have To Be Simple And It Will Take Time

How long does it take to teach a German Shepherd Dogs basic things?

It depends on the difficulty of the trick. Sit took mine about 2 hours to learn. German Shepherds are very Bright and love to learn. It shouldn't take to long unless you have a really silly one.

How long would it take on a skateboard from California to make it to Illinois?

its going to take at least a month or two to get their

How long would it take to learn Saxophone?

I play and it doesnt take to long to learn it but it will take a while to be really good

How long does it take to learn how to stop a skateboard?

about 10 miniutes you can do it the cool way and powerslide just move the board sideways then you can do it the other way that gives you a razor tail just drag the tail

How long does it take to learn the harp?

How long does it take to learn a harp **************** The time to learn to play any instrument depends on the time to practice you are prepared to put in.

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