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Well, if your a great level 4, and your coach think you can do 5 then you're ready. Plus, you need to be able to do the skills required for level 5. Some people skip level 4 because they've shown their coach that they have all the skills required for 5 already. And why do level 4 if you are all ready for level 5??? So it depends on you.

I personally am a level 8 gymnast, and I did two years of 4, 5, and 7.

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Q: How long does it take to be level 5 gymnast?
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How long do you have to take gymnastics before you can do a backflip?

It really depends on each gymnast. Some people will get it in level 5, others might not get it until they need it in level 6, which is when most people get their "backflip"

How long is a level 5 beam routine?

The level 5 beam routine isn't very long. The time varies due to the different gymnast, but the average time is a minute to a minute and ten seconds

How long does it take to become a level 10 gymnast?

It depends on how many times a week you practice some people who practice 5 times a week could be a level 4 gymnast in just 4 years or shorter it helps when you have private lessons at least 5 times a week for a gymnast. Most people who do have private lessons five times a week want to take being a gymnast seriously so they get private lessons for 90 minutes 5 times a week. Becoming a level ten can take years ,but if you take gymnastics seriously for at least 4 or more years five times a week chances are you will be able to compete in the next olympics 2016 hope to see you at the future olympics remember it depends on how seriously you take gymnastics.

How tall is the tallest gymnast ever?

Svetlana Khorkina is the tallest gymnast to go to Olympic level. She was 5 ft 5 1/2 inches.

Level 5 2010 best gymnast at Uzelac gymnastics?

The best level 5 2010 gymnast at Uzelac Gymnastics ranked top 5 is..... 1.Maeve K 2. Amy S 3. Kristiana 4. Willow H 5. Skyler H

Who invented girls gymnastics?

i don't know but ima level 5 gymnast and a girl!!

How long does it take to level up in call of duty 5?

That depends on your skill level and how long you play.

What 5 meter long aperatus coes a female gymnast use?

it is the beam

How long do you have to practice gymnasts to do compaticion?

that is usually completely up to the coach at the gym the gymnast goes to. i practiced only one or two years before i competed as a level 3. but most gyms do not compete until you are a level 4 or 5.

Is 16 years old to old to be a competitive level 5 gymnast and still try to move up levels?

no, not at all

How do you beat level 5-12 in super Scribblenauts?

history teacher,math teacher, scientist, gymnast, movie star

How do you beat level 5-12 super Scribblenauts?

history teacher,math teacher, scientist, gymnast, movie star