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in the major leages when pitches are 80-100 mph, usually a second or less

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Q: How long does it take for a baseball to go from the pitcher to the catcher?
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How long does it take for a baseball to get to the mound in high school baseball?

It depends on who the pitcher is and what pitch it is.

How long does it take a baseball to travel from the pitcher to home plate if the pitcher throws the ball at 100 miles per hour?

.4125 seconds

Is a baseball coach allowed to take the catcher off the base when there is no outs?

Yes why not!

What happens if you swing a baseball bat and accidentally hit the catcher?

The batter gets to take his base because the catcher has caused interference.

In high school softball how long does it take for the catcher to throw down to second?

From the time the catcher touches the ball til the ball reaches 2nd for a good catcher is 1.6 to 1.7 seconds.

What occurs when a baseball pitcher injures the shoulder girdle?

His/her coach would take the pitcher out and have a doctor look at him/her. Then, a sub would be replaced.

How do you delayed steal in softball?

i delayed steal is you do your normal lead off from whatever base you are on and then when the catcher throws the ball to the pitcher you take off to the next base

What is the job outlook for a baseball coach?

The job of a baseball coach is to make the right decisions for the team. For example if the pitcher is not pitching well then the coach will take the pitcher out a put in a new one.

A baseball pitcher throws a fastball at 42 meters per second If the batter is 18 meters from the pitcher approximately how much time does it take for the ball to reach the batter?

It would take the ball .26 sec. to get from the pitcher to the batter.

How much time does it take a baseball to get from the mound to the catcher?

About a half a second. Normal human reaction time is .2 seconds.

How long will it take to empty all of the water in the bottle into the pitcher on the table?

15 hours

What is a walk in baseball?

If you get walked that means the pitcher threw 4 balls to you and you did not swing you get to take a free base if the pitcher gets the ball and he is not on the mound you can run to second base

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