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Q: How long does it take 4 people to play a game of bowling?
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Did the stone age people use bones and skulls to do bowling?

to have a game to play

How is bowling a good sport?

anyone can play the game of Bowling, no matter the age.

What group or people play bowling the most today?

There are many groups of people who play bowling the most today. Most leagues choose to play the most bowling.

Where would you play a game of bowls?

Bowling Alley Bowling Alley

What team did Joe Paterno play on his 200th game?

Bowling Green

All Star Bowling Indianapolis Indiana how much does bowling cost there?

It all depends if your there for lessons or if your there just to play a game.

What is cheaper bowling or mini golf?

Bowling can be cheaper if you play one game. The price varies though on how many games you play and if there's a special Without special Bowling- about $5 per game, about $2-3 for shoes Mini Golf- $10-12 for a round

How do you play Bowling?

That would take a lot of verbage to do. Click on the 'Rules of Bowling' link below to see the rules of the game along with links that will take you to more information about the game.

When you play a game on zwinky. What is the code for the bowling game to get more zbucks?

Well I don't know the code for the bowling game. But, luckily I know the one for the racing game. When you are done playing the game and you are redeeming your zbucks, you press F5. Hope I helped!

When did baseball player Steve Bowling play?

Steve Bowling debuted on September 7, 1976 and played his final game on October 2, 1977.

Were can you play bowling?

bowling is played at lots of diffrent places. you can play at a bowling alley or buy your own set and play outside.

How many persons allowed to play in a game of bowling?

This answer depends on how busy the place is. During the weekdays, most alleys will allow up to six people per lane, as long as the group behaves itself and doesn't bother other players.