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about 48 mins (minutes).

Their experts that's why

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2011-02-02 23:07:27
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Q: How long does an nba basketball game last?
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How long is each quarter in an NBA basketball game?

12 minute quarters

How long is a basketball game last?

vvv1.Copy and paste this link for a college basketball game's length.vvvWhat_is_the_average_time_a_college_basketball_game_lastsvvv2.Copy and paste this link for an NBA game's length.vvvHow_long_is_an_average_NBA_gamevvv3.Copy and paste this link for a high school basketball game's length.vvvHow_many_minutes_are_there_in_a_high_school_basketball_gamevvv4.Copy and paste this link for another alternative.vvvWhat_is_the_length_of_time_a_pro_basketball_game_lastsHope this helps.

How many minutes per quarter are there in a NBA basketball game at overtime?

All NBA overtime periods last 5 minutes.

How long are the quarters in a basketball game?

12 min. for NBA and 20 min. for college.

How long is the overtime periods in a basketball game?

NBA overtime periods are 5 minutes

What four things is a professional game of basketball made of?

The game of basketball is divided into 4 quarters. In the NBA, each quarter is 12 minutes long.

In 1993 how long were the quarters in a NBA basketball game?

12 minutes. same as it always has been.

A explanation of how you play basketball?

Explaining the rules of basketball is very long and probably will be hard to take in. I recommend watching basketball or buying a basketball video game, like NBA Live or NBA 2K. Those will really help you out.

Is there a basketball player by the last name prier?

is there a nba basketball player with last name prier

How long does overtime last in the nba?

5:00 game time

How many quarters are in a basketballgame?

there is 4 in an NBA game and 4 in a NCAA basketball game or college basketball.

How many quarter are there in a NBA basketball game?


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