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They play 7 innings and it usually takes about 2 hours.

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Q: How long does an average college softball game last?
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How long does a softball game last?

A softball game can last an hour to an hour and a half.Maybe longer. it depends on what county/city you are in.

How long does an average college football game last?

About a day

Who has the best batting average in softball?

Me. I played in one game last summer and got a single in my only at bat for a career 1.000 batting average.

How many innings in women's college softball?

There are 7 innings in a regulation game of college softball. If the game is tied at the end of seven inning international tiebreaker comes into effect. This means that the person who was the last out starts as second base, and play continues as normal. Both teams get the opportunity to play like this.

How long does a high school softball game usually last?

About an hour and a half.

How long does an average football game last?

An average NFL game is 3 hours

What happens in an extra inning in college softball?

The last out goes to second base and both teams play until someone wins.

How long does a average pro foolball game last?

an average of 4 hours

When was the last college vs pro football game played?


What sentence uses the future verb tense Yesterday I fell down and hurt my knee Will you go with us to the softball game I go to the store for my mother Last year my family went on vacation to?

'Will you go with us to the softball game?' refers to a future action.

What softball team won in the last olympics?

Japan won the last Olympic softball event. That was the only time the USA did not win the gold medal.

Who was the last college player to score 50 points in a game?

jimmer ferdette

How long does softball games last?

an hour to an hour and a half for most but i play on a 14 and under league and my last game was 2 hrs long so it all depends i guess

How long does the average professional football game last?

About 2~3hours.

How long does an average Boston Celtics game last?

60 minutes

What are the 3 last college softball World Series champs?"""

When was the last time baseball and softball were played at the Olympics?


Who played in the last COLLEGE all stars and super bowl winner game?


How many points did Michael Jordan score in his last college basketball game?


Does the Game Boy Advance Console batteries last long?

On average, they last for 15 hours of play.

How long does a game of americian football last?

Depends on whether it's professional, college, or other, and also whether or not it's televised. The average length of an NFL football game as of 2004 is 3 hours, 6 minutes (televised).

How long is a collage basketball game?

The length of a college basketball game chances based on time outs and possessions. A college basketball game can last a few extra hours if it continually goes into over time.

How long does a softball season last?

A whole summer long. :) <3

How much lime do you need for a softball infield?

i did your mom last night

What year was the last gold medal won for softball?

mabey this year

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How long does a softball game last?

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