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Usually if it's 3 sets, I'd say about half an hour.

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Q: How long does a typical game of volleyball last?
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How long does a timeout last in volleyball?

A timeout lasts 1:00 in a volleyball game.

How long does a high school volleyball game last?

About an hour and a half

How long does a beach volleyball game last?

it usually lasts about one hour

About how long does a typical Polo game last?

2 hours

How long does a typical soccer game last?

90 minutes

How long is a volleyball?

There are 3 matches in a game. The first two Matches are first to 25, and the last one is first to 15. There is no set time in volleyball.

How long is each volleyball game?

A Volleyball game lasts up to an hour in Junior competitions

How long did volleyball last?

You should be a little clearer. Volleyball has lasted for a while though.

What is the uniform of volleyball?

the typical uniform in volleyball is spandex or shorts and a jersy, long sox cort shoes or sneakers, ankle braces, and knee pads.

How long does an average girls high school volleyball game last?

if there are 5 games about 3 hrs. if there are 3 games about 2 hrs.

How long does a typical Super Bowl game last with out commercials?

60 minutes ( 15 minutes each quarter) like any other NFL game

How long does a volleyball game last?

untill 1 team gets to 25 then u play another round, and another, in the 3rd u play to 15

How long is a high school volleyball game?

its for about 35 mins

Is it legal to hit a volleyball with your head in the game?

Yes, it is. You can hit the volleyball with whatever part of the body you choose, as long as you are not catching, throwing, or lifting the volleyball up with your hands.

How long is a volleyball game on for?

A game goes for 2-3 sets . Each set goes to 21 points for junior varsity and 25 for varsity teams . So a game could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours .

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Accupuncture is a great alternative treatment. The typical session will last 45 minutes.

How long does a typical pregnancy last?

40 weeks from the last period.

How long is a college volleyball game?

It depends how many time outs there are.

How long is volleyball played?

Volleyball is a very exciting game if you have a good team and you all get along, a volleyball is played for a total of 25 minutes in each quarter if i remember right.

In volleyball how long does the game last?

usually when one team wins, the game ends. Nope. The game ends when you get to 21, 23, or 25. You have 2 matches. If one team wins the first match and the other wins the second, there is a tie breaker match where you go to 15. I know this because I actually PLAY volleyball, unlike the person above me. :/

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A traditional football game is approximately 3 hours long. However, the Super Bowl is approximately 4 hours long from start to finish. The game is longer due to the lengthened half time show and the focus on advertising and commercial breaks.

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