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In the NBA, 8 seconds. In major US college ball, 10 seconds.

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Q: How long does a team have to get past the half court line?
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What is half court pressure in basketball?

Half court pressure is when the defense, defends from the half court line and does not let you go past it

How long does a player have in the NBA to bring the ball across the half court line?

You have ten (10) seconds to bring the ball past the half court line or you'll get called for a backcourt violation...

How do you play badminton?

all you need to do is choose a game difficulty the easy one is half court this is when you only use half of the court to play. In front of you there will be a white line you need to get the shuttle past there if its not then you keep laying till its in the two

How come people don't steal the ball from the opposing team until after they past the half court line in basketball?

Because it would be full court press if they did trust me i know from personal experience

Can a goalie dribble past the half court in Soccer?

Can they? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

How long is it from half past 1 to 5 minutes past 6?


What are the exact measurements of a rugby field?

100m long, 50m wide, 50m per half length, 22m from goal line out is a defensive zone, 10m either side of half way line there is a line past which kick-off's must reach.

In basketball if a player has past half court and passes it to a player leaping from the back court is it a violation?

No, but if he/she comes down and his/her feet are behind it , it is a back court violation.

How many seconds does a team have to advance th ball across the half court?

In the case mentioned above, the offense must get the ball past the mid-court line within 8 seconds. This a revision from the previous rule that allowed 10 seconds.

How far is a half court shot?

Half the length of the court, right? Well not exactly. The key word is far. First: NBA and NCAA courts are 47 feet for each of 2 courts not counting a 2 inch separation at the center, where the 2 halves meet. Second: The center of the basket is out 5 feet 3 inches from the inside of the base line: ( backboard 4 feet + bridge 6 inches + one half of the 18 inch (ID) goal ) = 4' + 6" + 9" = 5' 3" Third: For a half court shot you are standing just past the center line. The line is 2 inches wide. So the half court distance to the goal center is: [ ( 47'+ 2"(line)) - 5' 3"] or 41' 11" minimum.

Is a half line ab the same as half line ba?

No. A half line (also called a ray) is a linear object which starts at the first point, and extends to infinity through the second point. So the half-line (or ray) AB starts at point A, and shoots 'through' B and continues past B to infinity. The half-line BA is the other way around: it starts at point B, and then shoots 'through' A and continues past A to infinity. These two half-lines/rays end up extending to infinity in opposite directions, so they are not the same (not congruent).

Where is the basketball in bounded after a called timeout?

A basketball is in bounded where the closet spot out of bounds is where the ball was when the time out was called. For example, if the the point guard was dribbling just half past court toward the right side of the floor when his/her coach calls a time out, the ball will then be in bounded just past half court on the right side of the court.

What is a back court violation?

A "Back Court Violation", sometimes called "over and back", occurs when an offensive player, while in control of the ball, crosses or touches the half court line only after the ball has been established in the "Front Court." The "Front Court" is a basketball team's offensive half of the court. The "Back Court" is a basketball team's defensive half of the court. After "in-bounding" the ball from or to the back court, dribbling the ball in the back court is allowed until the ball is established in the front court. The Ball is considered in the front court when a player controls the ball and both feet are past the half court line. Also, when a player is "Dribbling" from the "Back Court" to the "Front Court", the ball is not considered to be establish in the front court until both feet and the ball have entered the front court . Once the ball has been established in the "Front Court", an offensive player may play a ball in the back court only if a player on the defensive team controls, touches or knocks the ball in or to the back court otherwise it is a "Back Court Violation".

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Half Past Human was created in 1971.

Over and back rule in basketball?

The Over and Back rule is pretty simple. Once the ball passes the half court line,(in 8 seconds , or a 8sec. violation is called) the team with the ball cant go past the half court line again. If the other team tips the ball and it goes onto the other side of the line. you can grab the ball without the "over and back" violation. Over and Back, RARELY occurs in the NBA because most teams like to play the ball down low, or around the 3 point line.

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