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The world cup usually lasts for a full month.

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The world cup lastsfor a full month.

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Q: How long does a football World Cup last?
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When was the last football world cup held in Germany?

Germany last held the world cup in the year 2006, that is not long ago.

In which country was the last FIFA World Cup held?

The last football World Cup was held in Germany in 2006.

Which year did England last win the Football world cup in?

England last won the world cup in 1966

When was the last time NZ qualify for a football world cup?

1982 FIFA World Cup

Name of the football team which won the last world cup?

Italy (2006 FIFA World Cup).

When Last time NZ at football world cup?


When did Britain win the football world cup?

England won the World cup at Wembley in 1966

When did the French football team last win the world cup?


Who were the last 5 countries to hold football world cup?

The last five countries to host the world cup are Germany, Japan , France, U.S.a and Italy.

Which country won the last world football cup?

Italy 2006

When was the last time the football world cup holders got knocked out in the group stages?

The last time that football World Cup holders got knocked out in the group stages was in 2010 when Italians were knocked out in the group stages.

Aproximately how many people watch football during the world cup?

Last world cup it was over a billion people who watched the world cup , this year it could be more.