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In College Basketball, they play two 20 minute halves, so 40 minute games.

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2007-12-15 23:49:49
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Q: How long does a college basketball game last?
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How long is a collage basketball game?

The length of a college basketball game chances based on time outs and possessions. A college basketball game can last a few extra hours if it continually goes into over time.

How long is a college basketball game?

A College Basketball game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes each half.

How long does a basketball game last?

In College Basketball, they play two 20 minute halves, so 40 minute games.

How long did a college basketball game last under the original rules?

two 20 min. periods

How long is overtime for a college basketball game?

An overtime period in college basketball is 5 minutes.

How long is half time in a college basketball game?

how log is half time in a colle basketball game

How long is a women basketball game?

There are two twenty minute halves in a College Women's basketball game. With a break in between.

How long is halftime in a men's college basketball game?

15 minutes

How long is a basketball game last?

vvv1.Copy and paste this link for a college basketball game's length.vvvWhat_is_the_average_time_a_college_basketball_game_lastsvvv2.Copy and paste this link for an NBA game's length.vvvHow_long_is_an_average_NBA_gamevvv3.Copy and paste this link for a high school basketball game's length.vvvHow_many_minutes_are_there_in_a_high_school_basketball_gamevvv4.Copy and paste this link for another alternative.vvvWhat_is_the_length_of_time_a_pro_basketball_game_lastsHope this helps.

In professional basketball how long does a game last for?

3 hours

How long does an Olympic basketball game last?

papa mo

How long did a basketball game last when it was first invented?

The first basketball game consisted of two 15-minute halves!

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