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2 years after highschool

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Q: How long do sports medicine doctors have to go to college for?
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How long does the American College of Sports Medicine recommend you hold a stretch?

30 seconds at the most! :)

How long do doctors have to stay in uni or college?

at least 4 yrs may be more in you also want to know more on medicine.

What is the best college institute for internal medicine doctors?

In order to become a physician, candidates must first attend medical school, which is followed by a year-long internship and then a residency. Internal medicine is a specialty area that requires a hospital residency. It is a not a program taught in any college.

How long do doctors spend at college?

they spend six to ten years in college

How long do doctors go to university?

Doctors go to college for six years. They have to in order to get a degree.

What does sports medicine and sports events have in common?

Sports medicine primarily deals with injuries commonly occurring in sports, such as rolling an ankle, or overuse of a particular muscle or ligament because of playing one sport too long.

How long has primary care sports medicine been around?

67 years

Is it possible to study medicine and do a sport in college?

Yes, it is possible, but prepare to stay in college for a long time.

How do doctors invent medicines?

Doctors invent medicine by first trying to find the disease or sickness weakness. Or some made some medicine by accident or by testing different ingredients together. Acually most medicine made long ago wasn't what it they wanted it to be or cure!!

How long does a person have to go to college to be a sports trainer?

10 years

What are emergency room doctors called?

An emergency medicine doctor is a doctor who has received special training in order to provide treatment for acute illnesses or injury which require immediate medical intervention. Emergency medicine doctors work in the Emergency Department of the hospital where patients with acute medical conditions are referred to. Although Emergency medicine doctors are not responsible for the long term care of the patient, their work in conducting the initial diagnosis is paramount for the prognosis of the patient's condition. In summary, emergency medicine doctors are responsible for ensuring swift medical intervention to better the long term prognosis and comfort of the patient.

Who started sports medicine?

Sports medicine basically originated a long time ago, in Greek and Roman empires. They would use sticks, stones, cloths, anything to hold gladiators together after a fierce battle in the coliseums.