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Q: How long do orioles stay in the Midwest?
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Where do the Baltimore Orioles stay when in Chicago?

In the city.

A sentence for the word Midwest?

After a long time of walking I finally reached Midwest

What hotel does the Baltimore Orioles stay when playing in Chicago?

There is no telling if the Baltimore Orioles stay in a certain hotel when they are playing in Chicago. There are many hotels in Chicago, so they could stay anywhere from the Holiday Inn to the Drake Hotel.

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What hotel does the Washington nationals stay in Baltimore vs orioles?

The Hilton in right-center field

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How long do it take for mail from Texas to get to the Midwest?

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What hotel do the Baltimore Orioles stay at when playing the Detroit Tigers?

I can't remember. I was drunk. Refresh me please

Where do the Boston Red Sox stay when palying the Baltimore Orioles?

Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

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