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They sit out until their physical is complete, and then the only reason they would sit out is because of the flight time or because the coach doesn't want them to play.

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Q: How long do basketball player have to sit out after a trade?
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Can a ncaa D2 basketball player transfer to another D2 school in their junior year?

Yes, a D2 player can transfer without sitting out a year as long as they transfer out of conference. If the transfer happens within the conference, the player must sit out a year.

Does Basketball have a blood rule?

Yes, once it is noticed it must be cleaned up/ covered. If it is too bad the player must sit out

What is the meaning of red shirt in college basketball?

The meaning of red shirt in college basketball is the same as other sports. The term is applied to a player who chooses to sit out for a season, usually after suffering a severe injury.

When transferring from D2 college to a D1 college how long does a college football player have to sit out?

they dont have to sit out just get a spot on the team and your good

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