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They never did

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Q: How long did the Angels and Dodgers share a stadium?
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Why does the baseball team Angels hate the other team Dodgers?

The answer is, the Angels hate the Dodgers because the people were rivals since the beginning of baseball from teenagers a long time ago.

Do inter and ac Milan share a stadium?

Yes, both Inter and AC Milan share the same stadium this is because a long time ago they used to be the same club they are now the biggest rivals in Italian football. The stadium is called San Siro

Where do the Anaheim angels play?

Well, the Angels (they are no longer the Anaheim Angels but the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) play in Anaheim, California at Angel Stadium about 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The Angels originally played in Los Angeles at Wrigley Field and Chávez Ravine, but moved to Anaheim when then-owner Gene Autry failed to get a stadium in Los Angeles and a deal fell through with the city of Long Beach.

How much is arsenal owing for the built of emirate stadium?

What was known was the overall cost of a new stadium (£440m), as long as it was on budget, which it was.So the new stadium was built and paid for out of loans of £260m, ITV share money (£80m) and £100m of up front sponsorship cash from Nike and Emirates

Why do angels have long hair?

God must have created hairdressers & barbers long after He did angels. When the first stylist arrived in Heaven, angels' hair had grown long, and anyway, angels are probably not fashion freaks, either.

How long does it take to get from Cardiff to the Millennium Stadium?

The Millenium Stadium is IN Cardiff!!

How long does it take to build a stadium?

It takes about 2 years to build a stadium

How long is a cheerleading stadium?

a cheerleading stadium is very big as it has lots of bleachers!

How long is a dodgers game?

9 innings

How long were the angels playing basebal?

The Angels have been playing baseball since1846.

Do angels sing to God?

The angels sing to God all day long.

How long is the wembley stadium?

The Wembly Stadium has a circumference of 1 km (0.6 miles)

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