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Q: How long did it take for Michelle kwan to learn how to skating?
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Related questions

How long has Michelle Kwan been skating?

Michelle Kwan has been skating for 24 years. She began skating in 1985 after watching her brother playing hockey.

When did Michelle Kwan win her 5th world champion?

She won it in 2003, skating to "The Feeling Begins" for her short, and "Aranjuez" for her long. The clip is on youtube.

How long has Michelle kwan live in the us?

for a thousand years

Does Michelle Kwan really like skating?

There is no doubt that Michelle Kwan began competitively skating because of the love of the sport. Her long career has shown that she does indeed love it, but the vicissitudes of competition may have, at one time, made her doubt her love for it.It remains that, just like Kristy Yamaguchi, she does love it yet is content to do sideline work. As a newly married, she most likely is still working on adjusting to being married. As her husband is a political candidate, she might be concentrating on his political career.Kwan is a seasoned skater, but the fact remains that she has had serious injuries and that she might never return to competitive skating. It does not preclude her from public performances however, and after her personal life settles down, we may yet see her on the ice for the sheer love of it.

Is hockey harder to learn then figure skating?

Hockey is a team sport with skating in it, so for learning it, the process is more like learning to play soccer. Figure skating, to learn it, it's like a martial art, you learn specific things to do and try to learn to do them correctly and efficiently. So it would depend on what you'd consider harder, figure skating can take a really long time to "master" so in that sense it's harder, however if you have trouble working with a team, executing plays, and doing all the other skills hockey requires (puck handling, checking etc,) then hockey would be harder for you to learn.

Where can one train for figure skating and how long is the training for figure skating?

You can train for figure skating at your town/city's arena. Training for figure Skating can vary. You need to learn the basics of the sport, the jumps and spins, and the stuff inbetween also known as foot work. Every skater is different. It may take longer for someone to land a simple axel jump than for another.

Anabelle Langlois how long has she been skating?

she has been skating since she was 11.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wang fu cheng long - 1990?

The cast of Wang fu cheng long - 1990 includes: Dennis Chan Stephen Chow Suki Kwan Pauline Kwan Sandra Ng Kwan Yue Terry Tong Fung Woo

How do you date a skatergirl?

Learn her language! And learn to skate. The language of skating is different. Learn what a truck is (no not the big rigs), what a stop is, why boots need extra long laces, or why bearings are different for street wheels and rink wheels. Just plain ask her what the answers to these questions are. This will get her attention, and she might even volunteer to help you learn to skate. Find out what the best boots are. Just like any other sport, there are really fun things peculiar to skating. Get into her world, and you might end up with a very athletic date.

How long has ice skating been around?

Ice skating has been around for many many years.

Does short track speed skating happen on the same track as long track speed skating?

no, one track is short and the other is long (its common sense)

What is the size of an ice skating ring?

A standard (NHL) ice skating rink is 200' long by 85' wide

How long has figure skating been around?

The earliest ice skating happened in southern Finland about 4000 years ago.

How long has marianne st gelais been skating?

she started short track speed skating when she was 10 yrs. old.

Which of these sports has a long program as part of the Winter Olympics?

figure skating (:

Is figure skating an olympic sport?

Yes. At the Olympic's they have speed skating, and where you can either do a short or long program. -Jess

How long was figure skating an olympic sport?

Figure skating has appeared in every Winter Olympics since the first Games in 1924.

How long as Michelle McCool dated the undertaker?

For a long, long time

Where do you do Speed Skating?

You can do short track speed skating in almost any hockey arena. You will need a 400m ice track for long track.

Where is the speed skating rink in BC?

Richmond has a Long Track 400m speed skating oval, created for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

How long are figure skating programs at the Olympics?

In the Olympics and other senior level skating competitions, short programs are 2:40. Long programs and free dances are 4:00, except for the men's long program, which is 4:30.

How long has skating been around?

a while,since 1980

How long does the song have to be in figure skating pairs?

Depends what group you are in.

What songs are good for ice skating?

Long ,instrumental ,and classic

How long has rob drydek been skating?

95 years