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It took a long 8 seconds.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-01 19:47:50
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Q: How long did it take for Kane win the ECW title at wrestlemania 24?
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When is the Undertaker coming back to the WWE ring?

I think that the dead man will return at wrestlemania 27 ans take his revenge on Kane ............................r.i.p Kane

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He chose to take over the 'unified tag team title' with Chris Jerico.

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Where does Killer Kane take Max?

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of course wrestlemania will be worthless without the Deadman

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Check your answer

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Undertaker is supposeddly dead but since paul bearer is also supposedlly dead i think that at paul's funeral the undertaker will be in the coffin and chokeslam Kane and take back the title.

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