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Q: How long did david beckham play for Paris saint German?
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Why did David Beckham moved to Paris Saint Germain?

because of his daughter Harper and his wife Victoria's fashion career

Which football club is david beckam in these days?

David Beckham retired from professional football in early 2013. He spent his last season playing at Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and donated his entire salary to charity.

Does Paris France have a soccer team?

It is called Paris Saint German. Also better known as P.S.G.

What is Name of Paris soccer team?

Paris Saint-Germain FC is probably the most famous paris one

Where is the Our Town Saint Paris in Saint Paris Ohio located?

The address of the Our Town Saint Paris is: Po Box 157, Saint Paris, OH 43072-0157

What are some professional sports teams in France?

Paris Saint German, AS Monaca, Troyes are some soccer teams

How do you get to Rouen from Paris?

You take the train from Paris-Saint-Lazare

What is David Beckham's job?

David Beckham became worldwide famous as a soccer player first and later as a model and fashion icon, specially now after his retirement. During his professional sports career he played for clubs as the Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and the Paris Saint-Germain. As a model, he has been the image of several multinational companies, such as Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Samsung and Burger King.

What is David the patron saint of?

St. David of Wales is the patron saint of Wales and doves.

Who is the Welsh Patron Saint?

saint David

Why is Saint David the patron saint of England?

Saint David is not a patron saint of England. He is the patron saint of Wales.

When was Saint-Augustin - Paris Métro - created?

Saint-Augustin - Paris Métro - was created in 1923.