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25 years overall. Sir Alex Ferguson is near that - 24 years.

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Q: How long did Matt Busby stay manager for Manchester United?
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Who succeeded Matt Busby as manager of Manchester United in 1969?

Wilf McGuinness

Who was the Manchester united manager when they won the 1967 league chapionship?

Sir Matt Busby.

Who was Man you's first manger?

Manchester United's first manager was Sir Matt Busby.

What nicknames did Matt Busby go by?

Matt Busby went by Mr. Manchester United.

Which former manchester united manager made 125 first team appearances for liverpool?

Sir Matt Busby

Who is Matt busby?

Birth: 26 May 1909 Sir Matt Busby is a legend to Manchester United! Full name: Alexander Matthew Busby He unfortunately was in the plane that was in the Munich air disaster! Luckily he lived! He was a great manager to united! death: 20 January 1994 (aged 84)

When was Matt Busby knighted?

In 1968 after winning the European Cup with Manchester United.

Address of Manchester united?

Sir Matt Busby Way Old Trafford Manchester M16 0RA

Did Sir Matt Busby die in the Manchester United plane crash?

No. The plane crash was in 1958, and Matt Busby was still Manchester United manager when they won the European Cup in 1968. However, he was seriously injured. He had to go on crutches and was told by the doctors that he may nver walk again, but persevered and eventually did go on to walk

How many manegers did Manchester united have?

only 2 Alex Furgosun and Matt Busby

What is the address of Manchester United stadium?

It is Old Trafford Stadium, Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester M16 0RA.

How many league championships did Manchester united win under sir Matt busby?