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Joe Montana and Jerry Rice played together from 1985-1992.

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Q: How long did Joe Montana and Jerry Rice play together?
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How long did Steve Young and Jerry Rice play together at the 49ers?


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How long did Jerry Rice play football?

20 years

How long did Jerry Rice play?

20 seasons in total

How long did Jerry Rice play pro football?

20 years

How long did Steve young and Jerry Rice play together?

My educated guess says he played for the 49ers two years in the early 90's. -AG

How many receptions did Jerry Rice have in his NFL career?

Jerry Rice had a long standing career with the National Football League. During his career, he had a total of 1, 549 receptions.

Is there a book on Jerry Rice?

he co authored a book Go Long: My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame

Is Jerry Rice the best wide receiver that ever played?

Most people think so. Look at his records at long effective career. Jerry Rice has the NFL record for most yards in his career and no one has come close to betting him.

How long was Jerry Rice's contract with the San Francisco 49ers?

He played for the 49ers from 1985-2000 so his contract was most likely 15 years.

What made Jerry Rice the best player in the nfl?

Jerry Rice is statistically the best wide reciever of all time. Comparing players of different positions is like comparing apples and oranges, but Jerry Rice won three Super Bowls, and there is no doubt that he contributed the success of hall of fame quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young, as well as helped reviatlize Rich Gannon's career and lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl, even long past both of their primes. His work ethic is no secret, and he is known for running "The Hill", a trail in San Mateo County that is considered a "man test" for football players to be able to conquer. He stayed out of trouble and never put the league's reputation in jeopardy. People consider him to be a great teammate and a person with a good sense of humor. There are people funnier than Jerry Rice, there are people friendlier than him, there are people with more rings than him, more MVPs, more records, but no one has all of those things to the degree that Jerry Rice has.

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