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20 years

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Q: How long did Jerry Rice play football?
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How long did Jerry Rice play pro football?

20 years

Who are the greatest football players to ever play the game?

Jerry rice

Who is the greatest footballer ever?

The greatest football player ever to play ball is Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice played for the San Francisco 49ers and made a record of 208 total touchdowns.

How long did Steve Young and Jerry Rice play together at the 49ers?


Did Jerry Rice play for seatle?


Where did each of these people play college football Troy Aikman Jerry Rice Bo Jackson?

Auburn, UCLA and valley state

Did Jerry rice play wide receiver?

no, jerry rice played quarterback for the detroit blackhawks, and whnks team.

What positions did Jerry Rice play?

Wide Receiver.

How good did Jerry Rice play for the Oakland Raiders?

Yes, 2001- 2004

How long did Steve young and Jerry Rice play together?

My educated guess says he played for the 49ers two years in the early 90's. -AG

Who did Jerry Rice play for when he won the Super Bowl championship?

San Francisco 49ers

What Legacy did Jerry Rice Leave Behind?

Greatest receiver ever to play the game.