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This article ( states that the player must be a junior to qualify for the NFL draft. However, some redshirt sophomores have been eligible. I believe the rule is that they have to be three years removed from high school. There is also an exception process though it is rarely used. It is extremely rare for even a redshirt sophomore to enter the NFL draft. The NFL, unlike other major American sports leagues, has little problem with very young players trying to enter their league because high school and early college players are simply not capable of playing in the NFL in most cases. The NFL requires a certain degree of muscle development and the league's lack of a developmental league (for all intents and purposes the NCAA is the NFL's minor league) means that young players are usually unfit to be drafted, so they have a powerful incentive to stay in school until they prove that they are ready for the NFL.

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You can play College Football as long as you are in college. You may also be "Redshirted" Which means you are removed from the roster and cannot play, But you still can play your four years after the redshirt is up.

In short, 4 years.

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4 years

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Q: How long can a person play college football?
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