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There are 3 periods that are 20 minutes long.

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Q: How long are professional hockey games?
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How long is halftime in a professional hockey game?

There is no "halftime." There are 3 periods so the breaks are called intermission. They are 17 minutes long for nationally televised games.

When was Professional Hockey League created?

Professional Hockey League was created in 1992.

When was Timiskaming Professional Hockey League created?

Timiskaming Professional Hockey League was created in 1906.

When was Professional Inline Hockey Association created?

Professional Inline Hockey Association was created in 2002.

When was Toronto Professional Hockey Club created?

Toronto Professional Hockey Club was created in 1906.

When was Southern Professional Hockey League created?

Southern Professional Hockey League was created in 2004.

When was International Professional Hockey League created?

International Professional Hockey League was created in 1904.

When was Professional Hockey Players' Association created?

Professional Hockey Players' Association was created in 1967.

When was Ontario Professional Hockey League created?

Ontario Professional Hockey League was created in 1907.

Who was the first female hockey player in history to play for a men's professional hockey team?

Manon Rheaume was the first woman to play on professional men's hockey teams. She signed as a free agent with the Tampa Bay Lightning and played games against the St. Louis Blues in the 1992 preseason and the Boston Bruins in the 1993 preseason. She has participated in the QMJHL, IHL and the ECHL, all of which are mens professional hockey leagues as well.

What games are held in the olympic games?

swimming , hockey racing,long jump,skating

How many games does a professional hockey player play in one season?

70-82 games a season Published by an 11 year old.

What are the names of professional long jumpers?

In the Olympic games, what are the names of the professional British, female long jumpers.

How do you tell people that you play hockey professionally?

You can just say, "i am a professional hockey player" or call yourself an professional athlete in hockey. Anything you want really.

How do hockey players get to their games?

They drive to their games. If they're in the NHL or another professional league they fly to another city. e.g. Vancouver to San Jose.

When was North East Professional Hockey League created?

North East Professional Hockey League was created in 2009.

In which year the US Hockey Team won Gold medal in Olympics?

The USA won a gold medal in hockey in the 1980 Olympic games and it was one of the most memorable moments in sports history after defeating the Russian hockey team which was a professional team that trained in the army just to play hockey.

What is Pavel Bure famous for?

Pavel Bure is a famous Russian Ice Hockey player. He won a silver and a bronze metal in the Olympic Games. He is a professional ice hockey player, playing on Russian teams.

When was Professional Inline Hockey Association Minor League created?

Professional Inline Hockey Association Minor League was created in 2006.

When did hockey become a professional sport?

Ice Hockey became a professional sport in 1904. The United States formed the first professional league. Canada followed quickly in 1905.

Tom Glavine was drafted for what other professional sport?

hockey hockey

How many periods are there in professional hockey?

There are three periods of 20 minutes in professional hockey. Additional periods are used if the referee declares overtime.

What is the difference between High School Hockey and Professional Hockey?

High school hockey is from grades 9-12 (if middle schoolers are good enough to make it then a few 7th and 8th graders). Professional hockey is when that is your full time job and you get payed.

Does Raleigh NC have any professional sports teams?

Yes Raleigh, North Carolina does have a professional sports team. the Carolina Hurricanes are a professional sports hockey team, in the National Hockey League.

How long does it take to go professional in ice hockey NHL preferably?

Depending on your training regime approximately 36-40 weeks.