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NHL games have 3 20-minute periods and intermissions between periods that are generally 17-18 minutes long. A typical regulation NHL game will last around 2 hours 30 minutes.

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Q: How long are bruins games including breaks and halftimes?
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How long are bruins games?

fifty eight minutes

How many games does Boston bruins have in the 20082009 season?


What is the bruins longest winning streak?

The Boston Bruins' longest streak was 14 games from December 3, 1929 to January 9, 1930

When was the last time the Boston Bruins sold out a hockey game?

They've sold out 63 consecutive games as of March 15, 2011 not including post season and Winter Classic.

What is the total number of games the bruins have won at away games?

0 in the Stanley cup finals of 2011

Who was the winningest coach in Boston Bruins history?

Art Ross won 361 games during four stints as the Bruins' coach between 1924 and 1945

Who won the 2011 Stanley Cup?

The Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Vancouver Canucks 4 games to 3.bruins

What college basketball team won the most games in a row?

88 games -- 1971 - 1974 UCLA Bruins

Have the Boston Bruins won a Stanley Cup since 2000?

Yes. The Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup, beating the Vancouver Canucks in 7 games.

What is the song played during Bruins games that sounds like Audioslave?

Audioslave - Cochise

Will the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup?

2013: Not this year. The Boston Bruins lost the Stanley Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks in 6 games, giving up the lead and the game late in the third period. The last time the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup was in 2011, beating the Vancouver Canucks in 7 games.

Who played against the Boston bruins in the Stanley cup finals 2011?

The Vancouver Canucks. The Bruins beat the Canucks in seven games, shutting them 4-0 in game seven.

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